Dress Code


School Colors for Tops: Navy Blue, White, Yellow

School Colors for Bottoms: Navy Blue, Khaki, Blue Jeans

Students must wear a school uniform unless a waiver is on file each year. All students, even those on waivers, must adhere to the Lincoln Dress Code policy and wear appropriate school attire to encourage an environment focused on learning, promote good health and safety, and a positive environment.

1. Pants or Dresses, jumpers, skorts, and shorts

  • All pants must fit your child around the waist
  • All shorts, skorts, or skirts need to be mid-thigh length minimum.
  • If you wish to wear Black or Navy leggings or stretch pants, they must be worn under a skirt, skort, or shorts.
  • Jeans should be dark blue, hemmed with no holes.

2. Shirts:

  • Navy or white polo shirts with Lincoln logo;
  • Any Lincoln logo t-shirts;
  • plain navy blue t-shirts;
  • plain sweatshirts

3. Shoes:

  • Children need appropriate shoes for participation in recess and Physical Education.
  • Closed toed shoes with socks are required.
  • No platform shoes or heels of any kind,
  • No flip-flops or sandals
  • All shoes must fit your child's foot so they can run and play without their foot sliding in their shoe
  • Tennis shoes are the perfect school shoe.

4. Hats:

  • Hats may be worn outside; they must be removed in the classroom or other buildings
  • Baseball style hats must be worn with the brims forward

5. Items and Accessories not allowed:

  • Oversized or undersized clothing
  • Shirts or hats with advertisement or promotion of any type, alcohol, cigarettes, wrestling, violence, or abusive/offensive language
  • Clothing that allows the exposure of undergarments or torso such as tube tops, halters, spaghetti strap clothing and bare midriffs or tank tops with large arm holes
  • Palm Desert Charter Middle School uniform shirts
  • wallet chains, long hanging key lanyards
  • Jewelry that could be a safety hazard, such as long necklaces, large hoop or dangling earrings, earrings with a spike on the back, spiked bracelets or neck collars
  • Body art and or tattoos, including temporary tattoos
  • Piercings anywhere but the ears are not permitted

6. Hair:

  • Temporary hair coloring is not permitted.
  • Extraordinary permanent hair coloring or unusual haircuts are discouraged so as not to distract from the educational setting.
  • Hair should be worn back from the face for safety and good hygiene.

7. Make up may not be worn at school.

8. Jackets, lunch pails, and backpacks need to be labeled with a child's first and last name. We will check that to try and help get them returned to them if the item is in the lost and found. All lost and found items are donated to the Good Will in December, March and June.

9. Free dress days will be the last Friday of the month. We will be combining some of our theme days (example: plaid day, leopard spot day, college shirt day, etc) into these last Fridays as well. Picture day will be a free dress day.

Staff members and the administration reserve the right to correct any situation involving apparel or related items where the safety or the disruption of the school program is an issue. Students may be excluded from classes until arrangements for acceptable attire can be made.

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